Feel at home in your body and at peace with yourself



I can honestly say I do feel peaceful today.  But I didn’t always feel this good.  Not a chance.  It took time and dedication to the natural process of healing and growth to land here in my new home inside.

In some respects, the early part of my journey was like meandering out of a dark dark maze, not always knowing exactly where I was going and banging into walls I didn’t know were there.  Then there were times when I got lucky and could move through the maze with ease.

But together, all of this internal movement amounted to psychological growth through healing old wounds and limiting beliefs, through making friends with my body and its wisdom, to finding my true Voice and unique place in the world.

Here’s a little bit of my story:

From the outside in, my childhood was normal.  I went to school, had lots of friends and fought with my younger sister.  My father worked hard and my mother worked even harder to have enough to live on and enjoy.  We owned our own home, with a beautiful garden and lots of critters running around our full-sized city property.  We gathered together every Sunday for a big family dinner. From the outside in, we looked like a normal family.  But from the inside out, family life was full of pain and chaos.  There was no room for me to show up and be seen as I was.

When I was a teenager, I was fascinated with the mind, what it is and how it works.  I knew then I wanted to be a therapist.  In those days, the phrase ‘follow your heart’ kept coming to mind.  I didn’t really know what it meant, yet I did my best to follow what I thought was my heart.

I was younger then, and had no idea of the emotional maze I was about to enter by doing just that.  Things got to the point where it felt as though I couldn’t function in the world any longer, the pressure inside became so great. But it was from this pressure that I found a quiet place from which I could see the terrain ahead.

I could see I would suffer if I stayed where I was, and I would suffer if I tried to escape.  I thought to myself if I tried to escape, I would be suffering on purpose.  And it was suffering on purpose that would take me out of the pain.

Unknowingly, in that moment I made a powerful decision that would alter the course of my life:  I decided to let myself  suffer on purpose.  To let myself be conscious of my suffering, and let the truth of what came up in the moment become my pathway out of the pain.

I let myself do this in private, but also in the company of not a few compassionate souls along the way, therapists and Yoga teachers alike.

And you know what?  It worked.

Through it all, I managed to love and live like everyone else.  I eventually completed a graduate degree in counselling psychology and a lengthy Yoga teachers’ training program.  When I began to practice, I offered my services for a fee, but also on a volunteer basis to whoever was open to having Yoga onsite as a complimentary modality to therapy in the treatment of trauma and addiction.  This, at a time when Yoga was still considered something for the granola eating hippies 🙂 not mainstream mental health practice.

But I did it anyways, because by this time I knew that together these two powerful modalities worked, and worked beautifully.  I saw real change in the lives of my clients.  And they helped me too to have compassion for myself and   to liberate myself from a very painful past.

As I look back today on where I came from, I see it did take time and energy to do the work I needed to do.  But  I  also  see  this was one of the best investments in time and energy I’ve ever made.

I feel grounded and clear headed today, at home in my body and yes, at peace with myself.

I made it.  And not in a way others can measure  and  reward me for, but a quiet way.  I made peace with the confusion and pain.  And it feels good.

Thanks for stopping by.




Gloria Thiessen, M.A., RCC, CYT
Director | Principle Therapist | Yoga Teacher
Studio Peace

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