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Inspiring Courage

On: October 16th, 2007 at 7:22 pm | Number of Comments » 0

When I first saw the quote below, I instantly fell in love with it.  I fell in love with it because it captured so well one reason for allowing ourselves to grow and expand spiritually.  The quote reads like this: “The highest achievement in human consciousness is the extent to which you believe in your own being . . […]

Change Brings Relief

On: October 8th, 2007 at 6:03 pm | Number of Comments » 0

Since writing the post titled ‘Deception’ in July, I left behind the toxic work environment I mentioned there for a healthier one.   The new organization has a clear no harassment policy which it adheres to, and the people I work with are level headed and dedicated to their work.   Since leaving the deception (and the bullying) behind, I really do feel better for having done so.   No more […]